We are happy to make every aspect of your SIHG experience as convenient as possible, this includes providing your direct billing services with the local and international insurances.


Process for Direct Billing   


  • Identification card / Passport / Birth certification (for people who do not have ID card) 
  • Insurance card  

Step 1: Kindly inform our front staff if you are using insurance for medical services at SIHG and present your valid insurance card and ID or Passport. If patient is a child, kindly present a copy of Birth Certificate and Passport.

Step 2: Read the Guidelines carefully and fill in the insurance form.

Step 3: Use the medical services of SIHG clinic

Step 4: SIHG clinic will conduct the payment guarantee procedures with your insurance company based the actual diagnostics and treatment carried out.

Step 5: If payment guarantees cannot be obtained from your insurance company or there are services which are not covered by your insurance, you may need to settle the payment balance directly at SIHG clinic in cash/ card payment or other acceptable payment methods. OR you may be asked to provide guarantee deposit in cash or via credit card as per our company policies.